Projected Media - Anime

Renovation will be presenting an extensive program of anime of all lengths and styles during the convention. The full listing is given below. Day-time presentations are generally in the RSCC, with evening and late evening shows at the Peppermill.

WEDNESDAY in room D07 at the RSCC

Read or Die - OVA (TV-PG) Wed. 10:00am RSCC (Aniplex/Studio Deen)
A book that could end the world is stolen, and only a special operative with the power to manipulate and control paper can get it back.

Tokyo Godfathers (PG) Wed. 11:45am RSCC (Sony Picture/Madhouse)
Three homeless Tokyo men find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve and vow to find its mother.

Claymore (TV-14) Wed. 1:15pm RSCC (Funimation/Madhouse)
A brutal scourge stalks the land, its hunger satisfied by only one quarry: humanity. Their only hope - the Claymores.

Vexille (PG-13) Wed. 3:30pm RSCC (Funimation/Shochiku)
An American special forces unit infiltrates a Japan cut-off from the rest of the world, and is shocked by what they find.

Afro Samurai (TV-MA) Wed. 5:30pm RSCC (Funimation/Gonzo)
In a futuristic-yet-feudal Japan, the "Afro Samurai" wanders the land searching for the man who killed his father.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection (TV-MA) Wed. 7:45pm RSCC (Funimation/Gonzo)
Attacked by a friend and a mysterious woman, Afro is forced to once again embark on a path of violence.

Vampire Knight (TV-14) Wed. 9:30pm RSCC (Viz/Studio Deen)
Yuki, a prefect of Cross Academy, must keep the "day students" (humans) away from the "night students" (vampires).

WEDNESDAY evening in ROMA 1 at the Peppermill

High School of the Dead (TV-MA) Wed. 8:00pm Peppermill (Section 23/Madhouse)
Hakashi Komoru is a normal high school student, until an infection breaks out that turns all but a few into zombie-like creatures.

AMV Hell (TV-PG) Wed. 10:30 Peppermill (various studios)
Fast-paced, hilarious cuts of fan-made "anime music videos" (AMVs). No anime knowledge required - just a sense of humor!


Boogiepop Phantom (TV-MA) Thur. 2:30am Peppermill (TRSI/Madhouse)
A light in the sky, a strange aura, a series of grisly murders. Everyone has their own connection to them, and together the story of Boogiepop is unraveled.

THURSDAY in D07 at the RSCC

Evangelion 1.11 - You Are (Not) Alone (PG-13) Thur. 10:00am RSCC (Funimation/Studio Khara)
Japan is attacked by giant creatures called "Angels", and humanity's only hope lies in Shinji Ikari and his giant bio-mecha, the Eva 01.

Evangelion 2.22 - You Can (Not) Advance (PG-13) Thur. 12:00pm RSCC (Funimation/Studio Khara)
Two new pilots, Asuka Langley Shikinami and Mari Illustrious Makinami, join in the fight to save humanity from the Angels.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (PG) Thur. 2:00pm RSCC (Kadokawa Pictures USA/Madhouse)
When a girl gains the ability to "leap" backwards in time, she finds out changing the past affects her future in ways she could never understand.

Memories (PG-13) Thur. 3:45pm RSCC (Sony Pictures/Bandai)
Three stories - space travelers follow a distress call to a fantastic world, a chemist accidentally turns himself into a biological weapon, and a day in the life of a man who fires cannons at an unseen enemy.

5 Centimeters Per Second (G) Thur. 5:45pm RSCC (Crunchyroll/CoMix Wave)
Two young friends grow farther and farther apart as the years pass and their families move away from each other.

Angel's Egg (G) Thur. 7:00pm RSCC (Anchor Bay/Studio Deen)
In a desolate world of shadows, a girl protects an egg and a mysterious man questions the world around them both.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (TV-14) Thur. 8:15pm RSCC (Funimation/Gonzo)
Albert meets the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo. What Albert doesn't know is that his father previous betrayed the Count, and the Count wants revenge.

Paprika (PG) Thur. 10:45pm RSCC (Sony Pictures/Madhouse)
A device that can let people enter others' dreams is stolen, and a scientist enters the dream world to find out who stole it and why.

THURSDAY evening in ROMA 1 at the Peppermill

Hayate the Combat Butler (TV-14) Thur. 8:00pm Peppermill (Bandai/Synergy SP)
A down-on-his-luck young man tries to kidnap a rich girl, but his ill-chosen words make her think he loves her. She gives him a job as her butler.

AMV Hell II (TV-PG) Thur. 10:30pm Peppermill (various studios)
Picking up where we left off Wednesday night, Thursday's AMV Hell will be twice as frantic and twice as funny! Sit back and laugh!

Reign: the Conqueror (TV-MA) Fri. 2:30am Peppermill (Tokyopop/Madhouse)
A re-telling of the story of Alexander the Great, who in this version is foretold to be known as the "Devil King" should he try and conquer the world.

FRIDAY in D07 at the RSCC

Welcome to the Space Show (G) Fri. 10:00am RSCC (Aniplex/A-1 Pictures)
When five children save an alien's life, he rewards them with an exciting and dangerous adventure to the Moon.

Night on the Galactic Railroad (G) Fri. 12:30pm RSCC (CPM/Group TAC)
Giovanni and his friend Campanella embark on a train that takes them on a trip through the Milky Way to an unknown destination.

Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror (G) Fri. 2:15pm RSCC (Toho/Production I.G.)
A girl travels to the land of forgotten items to find her deceased mother's hand mirror.

Howl's Moving Castle (G) Fri. 4:00pm RSCC (Disney/Studio Ghibli)
A young girl is turned into an old woman by a witch, and the girl seeks the help of the mysterious wizard Howl.

Paranoia Agent (TV-14) Fri. 6:00pm RSCC (Geneon/Madhouse)
A young boy is attacking people with a golden bat. Can two detectives stop him, or will they find more than they bargained for?

FRIDAY evening in ROMA 1 at the Peppermill

Deadman Wonderland (TV-MA) Fri. 8:00pm Peppermill (Crunchyroll/Manglobe)
Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Ganta Igarashi is sent to a private prison where the prisoners play deadly games for the amusement of the audience.

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek (TV-14) Fri. 10:30pm Peppermill (CPM/Comix Wave)
Among the ruins of a city, children play the game of "Otokoyo" - a game of hide and seek. But in Otokoyo, children will go missing...

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (TV-14) Fri. 11:00pm Peppermill (Channel 4 Productions)
A spoof of 1980's TV recently "unearthed", complete with poor production, awful wooden dialogue, ridiculous violence, and tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Occult Academy (TV-14) Sat. 1:30am Peppermill (Aniplex/A-1 Pictures)
Two students, one from the future, must destroy the one thing that will trigger the end of the world...if they can find it in time.

SATURDAY in D07 at the RSCC

Millennium Actress (PG) Sat. 10:00am RSCC (Dreamworks/Madhouse)
A filmmaker travels to meet a retired famous actress whose personal memories intertwine with the present and stretch the boundaries of reality.

Whisper of the Heart (G) Sat. 11:30am RSCC (Disney/Studio Ghibli)
A girl, Shizuku, is checking out the same library books as a boy, Seiji. When she tracks him down, she begins to learn about herself and her goals in life.

Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection (PG) Sat. 1:30pm RSCC (Toho/Enagio)
Earth must be evacuated, and the Yamato is recalled back to duty to stop an alien empire from dashing Earth's hope of relocation.

Gurren Lagann (TV-14) Sat. 3:30pm RSCC (Bandai/Gainax)
In a closed-off village, Simon and Kamina chafe under the village elder. But when Simon finds a fantastic device, everything will change...violently.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (PG-13) Sat. 6:00pm RSCC (Urban Vision/Madhouse)
A half-vampire/half-human bounty hunter embarks on a race against time to save a girl from the clutches of a vampire.

Perfect Blue (PG-13) Sat. 7:45pm RSCC (Manga/Oniro)
Pop idol Mima quits her group to become an actress. But a crazed fan is killing the people around her, and Mima is losing her mind.

Black Butler (TV-14) Sat. 9:15pm RSCC (Funimation/A-1 Pictures)
A demonic butler serves a twelve year old master and will gain his master's soul once he takes his revenge on his enemies.

SATURDAY evening in ROMA 1 in the Peppermill

Soul Eater (TV-14) Sat. 8:00pm Peppermill (Funimation/Bones)
Three teams, each with a human weapon, must collect the souls of ninety-nine evil humans and one witch to make their human weapon unstoppable.

Transformers (PG-13) Sat. 10:30pm Peppermill (Paramount)
Join Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett (via Riffrax commentary) as they take Michael Bay's travesty and "transform" it into something watchable.

The Sky Crawlers (PG) Sun 1:00am Peppermill (Warner Bros/Production I.G.)
Kildren, people who live forever as adolescents, fight a war for the entertainment of adults and live their life knowing each day could be their last.

The Familiar of Zero (TV-14) Sun. 3:00am Peppermill (Funimation/JC Staff)
Louise "the Zero" is the worst magician at Tristein Academy. When she attempts to summon a familiar to be her servant, she ends up with a normal human boy.

SUNDAY in D07 at the RSCC

Ergo Proxy (TV-14) Sun. 10am RSCC (Funimation/Manglobe)
In a post-apocalyptic domed city, a series of mystifying murders force a human and an android to search for answers.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV-14) Sun. 12:30pm RSCC (Funimation/Bones)
Edward Elric, the "Fullmetal Alchemist", embarks on a quest with his brother Al to find the Philosophers Stone to restore their bodies back to normal.