Artist Showcase

Participating Artists - WJ Hodgson

WJ Bill Hodgson began writing professionally for national magazines in Junior High, and his first published illustrations were technical drawings of NASA hardware, while still in high school. After getting hurt at the USAF Academy, he married his fifth-grade sweetheart, who gave him an art set for Christmas. He has since completed over 1,000 professional projects for books (especially romance novel covers), games, posters, etc. He lists as his "hobby" doing reverse-painted astronomicals on the back of glass, of which he has sold over 1,500 at conventions. Current projects include a screenplay, an illustrated novel, and a series of personal paintings for galleries. He lives with his wife (Sherrie, a veterinarian) and their 3 kids on a wiener-dog ranch outside Oklahoma City.

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Artwork: Quo Veritas