Artist Showcase

Participating Artists - Carolyn Nicita

I've been making flame fractals since 2005, a year after the astonishing fractal generation program, Apophysis, was first released.

The fractal "Summoner Conservatory" won the Judge's Choice award at the Conduit science fiction convention in 2010. This blew me away, because I'd never participated in an art show before Conduit.

When my bipolar neighbor came and told me that she'd spent an hour staring at one of my fractals and doing so had brought her out of a serious depressive episode, that again surprised me.

So I've decided to venture a display at Worldcon. Maybe they'll sweeten someone else's day.

Of course, in the fractals there are also demons....

Thanks for letting me display, and enjoy Art @ Renovation!

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Artwork: Summoner Conservatory