Artist Showcase

Participating Artists - Katherine Timaeus

In a world full of fast-paced traffic, economic worries, and mundane everyday activities, it is nice to escape to a place that leaves all that behind. Places full of wonder and magic, where fantastic creatures help you melt away the stress of the day, if only for awhile. This is the world that I have chosen to bring to life through art. Over time I began to develop my own style, one that incorporated my love for fantasy worlds and their inhabitants, especially dragons. In fact I enjoy including them in unexpected ways in my work. I have experimented using different mediums, but find I prefer to draw using colored pencils, or to create mixed-media pieces.

I have always loved art, and having the privilege to experience 13 years of art instruction at a wonderful school has only furthered that love. From the years of art in elementary school that provided the basic skills, to upper level classes that helped hone my abilities, and now honing my skills at the college, my love for and technical knowledge of the arts has only grown.

Every year that has gone by has increased my desire to pass on my passion for art to a younger generation. This is why I have chosen to continue my studies in the field of art education.

Artwork: Frame of Mind