Art @ Renovation - Art Program

Renovation's Art programming will cover a wide range of topics and feature contributions from artists, art directors, collectors and fans:

  • The Future of Artistic Media and Tools - new physical and digital materials and tools and what people can and are doing with them.

  • Art for the Fun of It - costumes and personal accessories and decorations are a great expression of how much fun it can be to do art. Come show off your costumes on Art Night or join workshops like Steampunk Your Props or Costuming from Fine Art.

  • Art as a Social Process - collaboration and mentorship are a huge part of the artistic endeavor (between artist and art director, for instance, or between writer and artist in graphic stories). Art, like science, is often depicted as something someone does off by themselves in isolation - how true is that picture?

  • The Creative Process - worldbuilding, creature creation, composition, using references and models, and other parts of the detailed artistic processes.

  • The Business of Being an Artist - art school doesn't necessarily teach you how to market yourself or do taxes as a self-employed creative. But our programming will help!

Some of the art programming requires advance registration and preparation:

  • Portfolio Reviews with Artist GoH Boris Vallejo and art directors including Lou Anders, Jon Schindehette, and David Palumbo.

And Then There's Also...

The Chesley Awards and the rest of Art Night

Look here for details about our Thursday night Festival of the Visual Arts in SF.

Puppetry at Renovation

Mary Robinette Kowal's group Other Hand Productions will perform Whatnot, a showcase of pieces featuring puppetry, masks, movement theatre, dance, and music, twice on Friday. Individual images, phrases, or situations inspire the pieces; a xylophone missing its eighth note, masks created from tape recorders, a dog that becomes a flowering tree. The performance contains a collection of fascinating, funny, and sometimes poignant images that cannot be labeled or categorized but merely hinted at.

Also, they're all wearing white spandex bodysuits. If nothing else, this represents the opportunity to see the Vice President of SFWA in white spandex.

The Hugo Awards

The Hugo Awards of course include awards for Best Professional Artist and Best Fan Artist, and will be held Saturday, August 20 at the Peppermill hotel.

The design for this year's Hugo Award Base will be revealed as part of the Hugo Award ceremony. The Exhibit Hall will feature an historic display of previous years' awards throughout the convention, and the Art Night program will include a workshop on how to design a Hugo Award Base led by Dave Howell, who designed the base for Anticipation in 2009. The workshop will include the chance to handle a Hugo Rocket (sans base).

The Art Auction

Sunday at noon, gather at the Exhibit Hall Stage to bid on Art Show items that had sufficient bids to send them to auction. Take home an original this year!

Art Program Participants

If you are interested in participating in the Renovation art program, please fill out the program volunteer form.

The list of program participants changes more frequently than this page is updated, but as of June 8 we have the following confirmed art program participants we wish to highlight (noting there's not a hard line between professional and fan but we like to point out the artists who are active in fannish publications):

Art Directors and Agents

Lou Anders, Pyr
Jane Frank, Worlds of Wonder
Irene Gallo, Tor
Mary Robinette Kowal, Weird Tales (prev. Shimmer)
David Palumbo, Night Shade Books
Jon Schindehette, Wizards of the Coast
Stephen H. Segal, Quirk Books (prev. Weird Tales)

Fan Artists

Dave Howell
España Sheriff
Stu Shiffman
Maurine Starkey
Steve Stiles
Taral Wayne

Professional Artists

Alan F. Beck
Julie Bell
Bridget Duffy
Bob Eggleton
Kaja Foglio
Phil Foglio
Lance Glasser
Richard Hescox
Lee Moyer
John Picacio
Martina Pilcerova
Marianne Plumridge
Jeff Sturgeon
Howard Tayler
Boris Vallejo
Vincent Villafranca