Entering the Art Show

Our Art Show is sold out as of July 19, 2011. If you would like to be put on our waitlist, please email us at artshow@renovationsf.org.
We have left the Art Show Entry information online for information only.

Renovation is pleased to invite science fiction and fantasy artists from around the World to take part in its Art Show. Our clear ambition is to put on a substantial, high quality show as a central element in our broader plans for featuring SF&F art at the Convention.

If you are interested in participating in the show, the first thing to do is to read the Art Show Rules. We have provided these in two formats, for your convenience (identical information is provided in each version):

  • As a PDF (best for printing) - available below.

  • As a web page - easy to read online.

Please read the rules carefully, even if you are a regular Worldcon exhibitor, as some things may well be different this year.

If you would like to ship your art to Renovation, please also read the note below.

Once you have read the rules, you can download the Registration Form. This is also available below in PDF format; if you would like a Microsoft Word version where you can edit your information in directly (instead of writing by hand on a printed copy of the PDF), you can download one here.

Your signed, completed registration form will need to be returned by postal mail to Elayne Pelz, the Art Show Director, along with your entry fees. Full information on the available space, entry fees and payment information can be found in the Rules.

Art Show Rules (PDF version)

Art Show Registration Form

Art Shipping and Storage

We are pleased to offer a free service for receiving and holding art for those attending artists who wish to ship their work to us rather than bring it with them. Details of this service are as follows:

  • You will be able to ship your art to our climate-controlled storage facility in Reno. The facility operator will receive your art and place it into the storage room.

  • We will be pleased to receive art from Monday, July 18, onwards. Artists attending the San Diego Comic-Con can therefore ship their art directly from San Diego to Renovation, should they wish.

  • Our room will be overseen by Alice Hescox, Reno resident and wife of renowned artist Richard Hescox. Alice will regularly visit the facility and check the stored items.

  • We will make arrangements to transfer the received art to the Art Show area at the convention center, where you will be able to collect it and hang it.

  • At the end of the convention you will need to make your own arrangements for any unsold art works. We regret that we cannot arrange post-con storage or shipping for you.

  • The convention insurance policy will protect your art while it is on site at the convention center. We regret that we cannot accept liability for any issues that arise during shipping or storage of your art, and use of this service is therefore at your own risk.

If you wish to take advantage of this free service, please contact Elayne Pelz, Art Show Director, at artshow@renovationsf.org. Elayne will provide details of the address to ship to. You will need to provide us with details of your shipping date and consignment reference when you art is shipped so that we know what to expect and can check for safe arrival of each package.

Please note that separate arrangements apply for mail-in artists - these are covered in section 3 of the Art Show rules.

Art @ Renovation

We will be running a range of special events and initiatives to highlight SF&F Art under the Art @ Renovation banner. This will include an Artist Showcase - an online and printed portfolio of biographies and illustrative works from each exibiting artist. Please see section 9 of the Rules for details of how to submit your information so that you are included in the Showcase.

NOTE: we will continue to update the online Showcase until the convention, but to be included in the printed version you MUST submit your material by June 30, 2011.

Contact Information

Postal address for Art Show entry forms and payments:

Renovation Art Show
Elayne Pelz
15931 Kalisher St.
Granada Hills, CA 91344 USA

Email contact addresses:

  • artshow@renovationsf.org for general queries relating to the Art Show.

  • artshow-payment@renovationsf.org for queries relating specifically to Art Show entry, booking status and fee payment.

  • art@renovationsf.org to reach the Art @ Renovation team responsible for Art Program and events, including Art Night. This is also the address for submitting your bio, photo and sample artwork for the Artist Showcase.