Atlantis - Accommodation

Our Hotel block is now closed. See the main hotels page for suggestions if you still need to find a room for Renovation.
These pages have been left online for information only.


The Atlantis accommodation comprises a main room block of over 400 rooms, along with a limited number of suites which are reserved for parties. The suites are distributed over more than one floor, meaning that we will have party and non-party floors. You choose between the party and non-party block when you book your room.

  • The Atlantis itself consists of the Dolphin Tower and the Atrium Tower. Both towers consist mainly of standard rooms of 370 sq ft, with a mixture of Single King and Double Queen configurations.

  • The Atlantis is currently going through a major room upgrade program which is due to finish shortly before Renovation and will bring all rooms up to a common standard.

  • All of Renovation's standard rooms are therefore listed with a single type of "Atrium Tower" on the Atlantis booking page, although in practice you may be put in either of the physical towers if you opt for the non-party block. (Note that the main Atlantis website does not yet reflect the room upgrades, and still shows different room types in each tower - this should be ignored from a Renovation viewpoint).

  • The Atlantis suites are reserved for parties and other convention requirements, and can only be booked through our suite management team, who can be reached at

  • If you are interested in holding a party, please read our party information page, then contact the suite management team with your specific request. If you would like to hold a party but only need a regular room, you can book the room online, but be sure to select the party block, and again please read the party information page.

All of the rates quoted here, and on the rest of this page, are per room, per night and include the $3 Atlantis resort fee payable by convention members, but exclude sales tax. (Note: the normal resort fee is $10 and you should take this into account if comparing our rates to those available from other sources).

Standard Room Types

Standard Atlantis rooms can be booked directly online with the hotel. If you would like to reserve one of these rooms, please go to the hotel booking page for instructions. As noted above, you will need to choose between the party and non-party blocks when you book.

Room Type Rate (excl. tax) Sq. Ft. Details
King or Double Queen $151 (Single/Double Occupancy)
$161 (Triple)
$171 (Quad)
370 Climate control; free Internet access; free pool access.

Note that the rate is based on the number of adults staying in the room; there is no charge for children under 18.

The photo below shows a typical standard room in the Atlantis.

Atlantis Standard Room

Suite Reservations

All suites in the Atlantis are reserved for parties, and must be booked via Renovation's suite management team. Square footage figures are typical for each size of suite. Unfortunately we do not have access to detailed floor plans for the individual suites, but our suites team will do their best to answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your needs. Please make sure you also read our guidance for holding parties at Renovation before proceeding.

As shown in the table below, there are four basic suite types. The first three of these can optionally be enlarged by adding a connecting standard room for an additional 370 sq ft of space. (The basic rate and square footage information is for the main suite alone, without a connector).

If you would like to reserve one of these suites for a party, please read the guidance on the hotel booking page and then email our team at to submit your request.

Please note in particular that we will be accepting suite requests through March 31, 2011. All reservations received by then will be treated as if they arrived on the same day for determining allocation. We will not be confirming any suite reservations until early April 2011.

Suite Type Rate (excl. tax) Sq. Ft. Options
Jacuzzi King Suite $232 800 Double Queen Connector (+ $151)
Atrium Bar Suite $252 680 Single King Connector (+ $151)
Atrium Two Room Suite $292 910 Single King Connector (+ $151)
Atrium Paradise Jacuzzi Parlor King Suite $492 1880