Think Reno for your travel plans during August of 2011!

Welcome to the home page of the Reno in 2011 Worldcon bid. On this site you'll find everything you need to know about why we want to bring the 69th World Science Fiction Convention to Reno, Nevada, in August 2011. We've given you plenty of ways to find the information you're looking for, including the menus at the top of the page and a handy sitemap. And clicking on the cute rocket guy in the top left of every page will always bring you right back here.

Front cover of brochure If you're new to Worldcons, we've provided an introduction to the event, along with a useful introduction to some of the terms you might not have heard before. And we'd recommend that everyone takes a look at the Why Reno? page, which explains why we chose Reno and what we think is special about our bid. Beyond that, just feel free to browse around - we have plenty of information on Reno as a Worldcon host city, on our facilities, our vision for the convention, and our bid committee. We've also produced a 4-page brochure that says more about putting the Worldcon in the Biggest Little City in the World - why not snag a copy?

If you want to know more, please come along and talk to us at one of our many convention appearances. And if you like what you see, why not join our growing list of pre-supporters and friends, and consider voting for us in Montréal later this year?


For a more personal introduction, why not watch the video below of Patty Wells, Bid Chair, presenting the Reno in 2011 bid at the Fannish Inquisition at Smofcon in Columbus, Ohio, in December 2008. You can find more videos on the Why Reno? page.

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July 31 2009 - one week to Anticipation! We'll see you in Montreal ...

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