Children and Young Adults

This page brings together information on our support for youger fans of all ages, from the youngest toddlers in childcare through children's programming and on to teenagers.


We are delighted to have chosen KiddieCorp as the professional childcare provider to Renovation. The KiddieCorp service will be available to all children aged 12 or under as of the start of the convention. Child memberships costing $75 are available for all children in this age group, and include 8 hours free childcare. Additional hours are available at $10 per hour. Children under 6 can alternatively attend the convention as Kids-in-Tow without paying a membership fee, but will not receive any free childcare and will be charged $10 per hour for all childcare hours that they use.

Please see the Childcare page for full details of the childcare service and booking arrangements.

Children's Program

Our Children's Program is called Dragongirls, Cowboys and Pirates. Children's program will be for 6-12 year olds and opens at 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday.

James Bacon, Crystal Huff and James Shields will be leading the team and bringing a fun selection of programme to the children. Parents can untether themselves from their children by ribbon, and parents' contact details will be applied to the back of all Kids' badges. Making real steam ships, how to wield a sword, making Dragon Wings, getting hair braided, how to make a light sabre, what comics to read, music, and listening to the likes of Tim Powers and Lauren Beukes. There will also be paper models, ancient consoles, slot cars and Lego to play with. There will be learning behind the fun ... but there will be LOTS of fun.

For full details of our Children's Program, including item times and descriptions, see this page.

Teen Activities

Renovation will have a Teen Lounge available all weekend for teenage fans to congregate, chill out, catch up, relax, laugh and chat, and where some teen-only activities will occur. Following consultation with teens and area head Amos Meeks, we will be coming up with teen specific program items and then integrating them into the wider program. Moderators will be aware of the extra responsibility they have to young people, and teens will know they have a voice. There will be fun activities as well as talks. At night there will be a Teen Lounge in the party Hotel, with a noisy (Werewolf anyone?) and quiet room.