Dealers' Room Entry

Our Dealers' Room is sold out as of July 4, 2011. If you would like to be put on our waitlist, please email us at

We are now accepting Dealers' Room bookings. If you are interested in reserving space, we recommend you book in good time, as space is likely to sell out. The first thing to do is to read our initial Dealers Invitation letter. This is available in two formats, for your convenience (identical information is provided in each version):

  • As a PDF (best for printing) - available below.

  • As a web page - easy to read online.

Please read the letter carefully, even if you are a regular Worldcon exhibitor, as some things may well be different this year.

Once you have read the invitation letter, you can download the Application Form. This is also available below in PDF format; if you would like a Microsoft Word version where you can edit your information in directly (instead of writing by hand on a printed copy of the PDF), you can download one here.

Your signed, completed registration form will need to be returned by postal mail to Joni Brill Dashoff, the Dealers' Room Manager, along with a deposit of $100 per table.

Full information on the available space and payment information can be found in the invitation letter. Table costs have been set at $250 per table for the 5 days. (This rate applies to the first and all subsequent tables that you book). Table staff will also need to be members of the Convention - see our registration information for more details.

For any questions, we can be contacted at

Dealers' Invitation (PDF version)

Dealer Application Form (PDF)