The Dealers' Room

The Dealers' Room (also known to some as the Hucksters' Room) is the Worldcon's shopping mall. Some 200 tables laid out with everything you can think of - but especially books. DVDs, comics, prints, clothing. Did we mention the books? Reproduction weaponry. Model kits. Jewellery. Oh yes - and the books. Thousands of them. Tens of thousands, in fact, from dozens of dealers, from rare, second hand and antiquarian to new releases and even pre-releases.

Dealers' Room Hours

The Dealers' Room will be open at the following hours:

  • Wednesday: Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

List of Dealers

The Dealers' Room is now sold out. The final list of confirmed dealers is as follows. We have included a key to the principal type(s) of merchandise each dealer will be selling.

  • (A) Art and Crafts
  • (B) Books and Magazines (includes publishers, small presses and bookshops)
  • (C) Comics & Graphic Novels
  • (G) General & Other
  • (J) Jewelry
  • (T) Textiles, clothing and/or costumes.

Adventures in Crime and Space (B)
Amber Unicorn Books (B)
AngelWear Creations (J)
Apex Publications (B)
Arlin Robins Designs (A, J)
b. Brown & Assoc. (B)
Badali Jewelry (J)
Basement Books (B)
Big Head Press (C)
Blackwyrm Publications (B)
Book Universe (B)
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell (A)
Bud Plant & Hutchinson Books (B)
Cargo Cult Books & Notions (B)
Centipede Press (B)
Cobblestone Books (B)
Crystal Dreams (J)
David Freeland Jr. Designs (J)
Dawno's Beaded Lanyards & Jewelry (J)
Daylight Artworks, Inc. (A)
Dragons Unlimited (A)
Dreamhaven Books (B)
Earth Wisdom (T)
Edge SF&F Publishers (B)
Everett Comics (C)
Eye-Deas Fantasy Cat Art (A)
Fairwood Press (B)
FanTaminals (A)
Fo'Paws (T)
Friends of Filk (G)
Futures-Past Editions (B)
Galaxy Press (B)
Gamadin Book Series (B)
Games Plus (G)
Glen Cook Bookseller (B)
Grassroots Books (B)
Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (G)
Hathaway Studios (G)
Hollywood Book & Poster Co. (G)
Hungry Tiger Press (B)
Indie Press Revolution (B)
Indigo Lights (J)
Instant Attitudes (T)
Jim & Melody Rondeau (B)
John Knight Comics & Magazines (B, C)
Kaptara (G)
Ken Sanders Rare Books (B)
Kristi Smart Romantic Clothing (T)
Larry Smith Books (B)
Lion Light / Tiger Eye (G)
LJS&S Publishing (B)
Locus Publications (B)
McFarland & Company (B)
Midnight Books (B) (G)
MudCat Studio (A, J)
Mummy's Jewels (J)
Nancy Edwards NESFA Press (B)
OffWorld Designs (T)
OrionWorks (T)
Otter Creek Press (B)
Paul Kennedy Bookseller (B)
Pendragon Costumes (T)
Phil Davis Books & Treasures (G)
Pleasantly Insane Ltd. (G)
Purple Top Hat (A)
R. F. Wald (B)
Ravenwing Wearable Art (J)
Realm of Regalia (T)
Robert Gavora Fine & Rare Books (B)
Schlock Mercenary (A, B, C)
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) (G)
Shasta/Phoenix Publishers (B)
Sign of the Unicorn (B)
Speculative Literature Foundation (B)
Springtime Creations (J)
Studio Foglio (A, B, C)
Stuffe & Nonsense (A)
Tachyon Publications (B)
The End of Human Space (B)
The Fabulist - Words & Art (B)
The Lillian Todaro Collections (J)
Willow Jewelry (J)
Wondermark (B, C)
Wrigley-Cross Books (B)

Dealers' Room Entry

Our Dealers' Room is fully sold out as of 8 July, 2011. However we are operating a wait list for people who wish to be considered in the event of any withdrawals. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please email us at

Tables cost $250 each for the run of the convention (each table is 8 feet by 2 1/2 feet), with a $100 deposit per table required with your booking application. See our Dealers' Room Entry page for full information and application forms. There is an extra charge of $75 per dealer if you require power at your table.