Renovation FAQ

We know that fans always have many questions and so we've provided a number of pages answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) across the site. General questions about the convention as a whole can be found on this page. In addition, there are the following FAQ pages addressing specific topics.

We have included an index of all the questions on this page to help you find the one you want quickly. You will find a similar index at the top of each FAQ page.

Q: Wait .. Reno? Why Reno?
A: The short answer is because it's an underutilized but well-connected large venue -- perfect for Worldcon and the typical attendee's budget. In addition, the Reno Visitor's Bureau is extremely eager to bring in our business. They need more non-gambling business and are particularly looking to expand their convention activities. We will be the biggest convention in town on our weekend.
Q: So how does that help my budget?
A: The Reno Visitor's Bureau notes that it is cheaper to hold a convention in Reno than in most cities. This translates into cheaper room rates for convention attendees. Reno likes fans, and it's a fun place for a vacation with lots of additional side trips. Additionally, it's before school starts for people who teach or have children.
Q: Wait a minute ... that just clicked. Nevada. In August. Why on earth would I want to be in Nevada in August?
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Nevada? You mean Las Vegas? Maybe not. But we're talking Reno here. Yes, although summer in Nevada is warm, it is significantly cooler in Reno than in Las Vegas, for those of you used to Vegas summers. In the high desert around Reno, the temperatures will, on average, reach 90°F (32°C) during this part of August, but can range from 73°F (23°C) to 99°F (37°C). And "high desert" in this case means only 4412 ft (~1350 meters) so you don't need oxygen tanks and Sherpas to get there.

Additionally, Renovation is only using three main locations, so the time you'll spend outdoors travelling between them is minimal. In addition, the Atlantis (our party hotel) is connected directly to the convention center by an air-conditioned sky bridge -- no need to go outdoors at all.

Q: So what kind of Worldcon do you want to run?
A: Renovation Chair Patty Wells says, "I want a very fannish Worldcon. The ones I have enjoyed most have emphasized the flair of the city and unified the fans in interesting ways, such as the wonderful miniature golf course at Magicon. I want to bring fans together in ways that celebrate our culture and the things we like. Just a couple of examples of the kind of things I have in mind: a special fannish exhibit honoring Bruce Pelz, my mentor (like so many others in fandom); expanding writer's workshops for increased participation; bringing in SW commercial space exhibits; and generally creating a fun atmosphere for the fans."
Q: I'm a non-smoker and I'm apprehensive about attending a Worldcon associated with casinos. What's the smoking policy?
A: Our intention as a committee is to cater for the needs of both smokers and non-smokers, and our facility choices and policies reflect that.

It is true that the Nevada smoking laws permit smoking on the casino floor in most casinos. However, the convention center is non-smoking, all restaurants and function rooms are non-smoking, and the hotels have both non-smoking and smoking sleeping rooms, grouped onto separate floors. We've also reserved a block of rooms in a nearby hotel that's completely non-smoking, the Marriott Courtyard. You can find a more complete discussion of this topic on the main facilities page.