About Worldcon - Our Bid Filing


All Worldcon bids are required to file a formal submission in support of their application to host the Worldcon. The requirements for this filing are laid out in Article 4 of the WSFS Constitution.

Bids must submit their filing no less than 6 months before the Worldcon where the vote will take place. In the case of Reno, the filing deadline was February 7, 2009 and the administering Worldcon was Anticipation, which was held in Montréal in August 2009.

Although Renovation has now been officially selected as the 2011 Worldcon, we have decided to leave our filing available as a record of our submission.

Reading the Filing

The filing is made up of a number of documents, as follows. Note that the documents range up to 1.2 MB in size.

Filing cover letter

The complete submission, including all of the documents listed above, can also be downloaded as a single 3 MB zip file.