Convention Highlights

Renovation will have five days of exhibits, panel discussions and events, from 11 a.m. on Wednesday, August 17 through 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 21. We will be posting a full schedule online before the convention, but for a taste of some of our largest items, here's a list of major events and Guest of Honor highlights.


  • Opening Ceremony: Wednesday. 3 pm, RSCC C4
  • Music Night: Wednesday, evening, RSCC, various locations
  • Dr. Demento Guest Item: Wednesday, 5 pm, RSCC C4
  • Tricky Pixie Guest Concert: Wednesday, 7 pm, RSCC C4
  • Godson Performance, Wednesday, 9 pm, RSCC C4


  • ASFA Meeting: Thursday, 1 pm, RSCC A13
  • Ellen Asher GoH Interview: Thursday, 3 pm, RSCC A1 & A6
  • Art Night: Thursday, evening, RSCC, various locations
  • Chesley Awards Ceremony: Thursday, 6 pm, Atlantis, Grand Ballroom 4
  • Many Ways to Tell a Story: Narrative and the Visual Arts Panel: Thursday, 7 pm, RSCC C4
  • Girl Genius Ball: Thursday, 8 pm, RSCC C3 & C2


  • Tim Powers GoH Speech: Friday, 2 pm, RSCC C4
  • Three Interviews About Charles N. Brown: Friday, 3 pm, RSCC A1 & A6
  • Puppet Show - Whatnot: Friday 4 pm & 7 pm (limited seating), RSCC C1
  • Masquerade: Friday, 8 pm, Peppermill, Tuscany
  • Regency Ball: Friday, 8 pm, Peppermill, Capri
  • Club Dance: Friday, midnight, Peppermill, Capri


  • Game of Thrones Presentation *, George RR Martin: Saturday, 11 am - 1 pm, RSCC A1 & A6
  • SFWA Meeting: Saturday, 1 pm, RSCC A2
  • Boris Vallejo Guest Presentation: Saturday, 2 pm, RSCC A1 & A6
  • Bill Willingham Guest Dialog: Saturday, 3 pm, RSCC A1 & A6
  • Hugo Awards Ceremony: Saturday, 8 pm, Peppermill Tuscany
  • Film: Radio Free Albemuth: Saturday, 11pm (after the Hugos), Peppermill Tuscany
  • Match Game SF: Saturday, 11pm (after the Hugos), Peppermill, Sorrento 2 / 3 / 4.

The Game of Thrones presentation will include a showing of "The Pointy End" (Season 1, Episode 8). No recording or photography is allowed during this presentation.


  • Closing Ceremony: Sunday, 3 pm, RSCC C4