How to Book Your Hotel

Our Hotel block is now closed. See the main hotels page for suggestions if you still need to find a room for Renovation.
These pages have been left online for information only.

This page tells you how to book your hotel room, if you intend to stay in one of the three official convention hotels (the Peppermill, Atlantis and Courtyard).

The key things you need to know are as follows.

  • Regular sleeping rooms should be booked directly with the individual hotels, using their own booking systems. Follow the instructions below and use the Renovation specific URL to book into the Renovation block at the Renovation room rate.

  • All suites - including party suites in the Atlantis and regular suites in the Peppermill - must be booked via our own suite management team, except the basic $189 Tuscany Suites in the Peppermill, which can be booked directly with the hotel. As of early May, all of the larger Peppermill suites are sold out.

    To ask a question, email us at If you a looking for a party suite in the Atlantis, please tell us the suite type and price range you are interested in, and the nights you would like to reserve.

  • Please remember that parties can only be held in the party block in the Atlantis. If you intend to hold a party in a suite or a regular room, please read our party information page before making your booking.

  • Our housing team is available to deal with any queries, problems or special requests. Write to

Choosing a Hotel and Room

Before you start the actual booking process, review our extensive hotel information which will help you choose the best hotel and room type for your needs.

Our main hotels page introduces the three convention hotels and provides a comparison table highlighting the key points for each one. A map showing the relative locations of the hotels is included on the facilities page.

The main hotels page provides links to more detailed information on each hotel, including sleeping accommodation, suite configurations, room rates, eating options and amenities. A separate page is available with more help for people who want to hold parties.

Links for the individual hotel pages:

Peppermill Atlantis Courtyard
Main Page
Rooms and Suites
Eating Options
Main Page
Rooms and Suites
Eating Options
Main Page

Making Your Booking

Direct bookings should be made via the respective hotel websites. Because the Peppermill and Atlantis hotels are resorts, their booking process is slightly different than the websites used by the major hotel chains. We have therefore provided notes to help you through the process.

Follow these links to get the specific instructions for your hotel and to access the hotel website. Note that the Peppermill and Atlantis have each provided custom event booking pages for Renovation. These pages also provide hotel contact numbers that can be used if you prefer to make your reservation by telephone. (We recommend booking online for maximum convenience, but please note the credit card rules at the Atlantis if you intend to stay there).