Holding a Party at Renovation

This page contains information for anyone who would like to hold a party at Renovation.

If you are booking a Peppermill suite to use as sleeping accommodation only, you do not need to continue with this page, just choose the suite you want and then go to the hotel booking page for booking instructions.

The Atlantis - Our Party Hotel

All parties must be held on the party floors at the Atlantis hotel. No parties are permitted outside the party floors, or in the Peppermill hotel.

Parties may be planned for either rooms or suites. in either case, please make sure you read all the information on this page - especially the party rules.

  • If you wish to use a standard room for your party, you may do so by booking directly with the hotel -- the Atlantis booking page includes a link that will take you directly to the hotel's booking page for the party block.

  • If you wish to use a suite, your first step should be to look at the Atlantis accommodation page which lists the available suite options. You will then need to submit your suite request through the convention.

Requesting a Party Suite

To request a party suite at the Atlantis, email suites@renovationsf.org, telling us for what purpose you want the suite, the general type and price range you require, and what nights you want it. To make the best use of the available suites we will be taking suite reservations through March 31, 2011. All reservations received by then will be treated as if they arrived on the same day for determining allocation. Requests received after this date will only be assigned after all earlier requests have been assigned. Requesters will hear from us as we make their suite allocations and all party suite allocations should be completed by late April.

Please make sure you also read the general terms on the Atlantis hotel booking page.

Hosting Parties in the Atlantis

Rules for parties in the Atlantis are as follows. These rules apply to both rooms and suites, and will be strictly enforced.

  • Our contractual corkage waiver allows snacks and beverages to be served in party rooms and suites.

  • No cooking of any type is permitted in rooms or suites.

  • All suites come with mini-refrigerators. A limited number of refrigerators are also available in regular rooms. You can request one of these when you reserve your room, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Parties in suites should not attempt to stock up on ice from the hotel's ice machines. Ice is available either from room service (which may well be expensive) or at nearby stores.

Party Resources in Reno

We plan to provide a resource guide with information on local shops and information for party hosts in due course. This should be available in late Spring or early Summer of 2011.