Where to Stay - An Introduction to our Hotels

Our Hotel block is now closed. We have left our detailed hotel descriptions and booking pages available for reference, but you can no longer book rooms in the convention block. The Atlantis and Peppermill are generally sold out for the weekend of Renovation.

If you have a party suite booked at the Atlantis, please make sure you have read the party information page.

Hotel Options - After July 20, 2011

The Renovation Hotel block closed as of July 20. If you are still looking for a room for the convention, we recommend the following.

  • A number of members are looking for people to share their room in the Peppermill or Atlantis. Offers are generally posted on our Facebook page.

  • Rooms may occasionally be available via the hotels' own websites. The Atlantis and Peppermill are both reporting full for our weekend - but it may still be worth checking. These will be public rooms, not in the convention block, so rates will vary (and typically be higher than the convention rate).

  • If you are looking for a cheap option very close to the convention, we recommend looking at the Vagabond Inn. This budget hotel is located between the Atlantis and Peppermill Hotels on S Virginia Street, so is convenient for both locations. The accommodation is more basic than in the convention hotels, but prices are also low.

  • Rooms are available at many other Reno hotels and casinos. We recommend using search sites such as TripAdvisor to check availability and rates.


Conventions do not generally use resort hotels but in many ways they are fannish heaven! Resort hotels are designed for 24/7 service with great amenities to keep guests happy and on-site. This means, for instance, free parking, numerous restaurants, salons and spas. Not to mention the funky, over-the-top decor ... but in all seriousness, please take a moment to reflect on what these hotels can offer us - this will be a very different experience from the chains we generally use, and a very memorable one. And for those wondering about costs and ancillaries - when was the last Worldcon that had free parking and free personal Internet access at all of its hotels!

We have chosen three hotels for our accommodation, with over 1200 rooms reserved for our members:

  • The three main hotels are all located on S Virginia Street, as is the Convention Center. A map showing all four locations can be found on the main facilities page.

  • A summary of the smoking situation can also be found on the facilities page.

  • We have free parking available at all of our hotels.

  • We will be providing a free convention bus shuttle service between the RSCC/Atlantis and Peppermill sites throughout the Convention.

  • We also have free Internet access available at all of our hotels.

On the rest of this page, we'll introduce each of the hotels and provide a handy comparison table to help you choose where to stay. You will also find links to more detailed information on each property.








Our largest hotel block is at the Peppermill, where our block comprises 715 rooms with a standard room rate of $149 (single through quad) per night. We also have first call on up to 105 suites, starting from $159 for a Spa Suite. The Peppermill has 10 on-site restaurants including a steakhouse, seafood, BBQ, buffet, cafés and Biscotti's for family fare. The hotel also has pools, fitness center and the luxurious Spa Toscana.

The Tuscany Ballroom at the Peppermill will be the venue for the Hugo Awards Ceremony and the Masquerade.

Full details of accommodation, food options and amenities can be found on our Peppermill pages.


The Atlantis will be our party hotel and is directly linked to the convention center by an air-conditioned sky bridge. Our block comprises 450 rooms, with a standard room rate of $151 (single/double) per night. We also have 16 suites reserved, along with function space, to host our parties and Con Suite. The Atlantis has 10 on-site restaurants including a California style Bistro, Deli, Steakhouse, Italian and seafood from the Oyster Bar and All-you-can-eat Sushi Bar. There is also a 24-hour full service café. For those who want to pamper themselves, the Atlantis offers swimming pools, fitness center, spa and salon.

Full details of accommodation, food options and amenities can be found on our Atlantis pages.


Our third and smallest hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott. We have included the Courtyard to give us a fully no-smoking hotel for members who are especially concerned about smoking exposure. While we do not envisage any smoking issues with our larger hotels, we do appreciate that some members may want the extra comfort of knowing they have an entirely no-smoking option available. We have a confirmed block of 50 rooms at the Courtyard, with a room rate of $119 per night. A buffet breakfast is available for $8.95.

Full details of accommodation and amenities can be found on our Courtyard pages.

Transport Costs

We have free parking available at all of our hotels for those driving or renting cars during their stay. In addition the Atlantis and Peppermill have free shuttle services to the airport - with a journey time of less than 10 minutes.

If you are flying to Reno and bringing your own scooter or wheelchair with you, please see the handicapped services page for information on airport shuttle accessibility.

Facilities Comparison

This page contains a quick comparison between our main facilities.

  Convention Center Peppermill Atlantis Courtyard
Reserved Bedrooms -- 715 450 50
Bedroom rates (2011 dollars) -- $149 (including resort fee - see note below) for single through quad $151 single/double, $161 triple, $171 quad (all including resort fee - see note below) $119
Reserved Suites -- Up to 105 16 (for parties) --
Restaurants To be agreed. 10 (see list) 10 (see list) 1 (breakfast buffet)
24-hour Eating No Yes - Peppermill Coffee Shop (full menu) Yes - Purple Parrot Cafe (full menu) No
Internet Access Hopefully free! (See note below) Free Free Free
Smoking Fully Non Smoking Function Space and restaurants are non-smoking. Casino floors and some bars allow smoking. Bedrooms are fully segregated into smoking and non-smoking floors. Fully Non Smoking
Address 4590 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 2707 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 3800 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 6855 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89511
Telephone -- 775 826-2121 775 825-4700 775 851-8300
Airport Link Around 10 minutes / $10 by taxi Free Shuttle Free Shuttle Around 10 minutes / $10 by taxi
Parking $7 / day Free Free Free

Note - Convention Center Internet Access. We have permission to build our own network at the Convention Center, and hope to offer a good (free!) Internet access service to members as a result. However, we are still working on the technical details and even with our own network, bandwidth will be limited, especially with several thousand fans keen to be connected. Look out for more information closer to the convention.

Resort Fees - The Peppermill and Atlantis charge mandatory resort fees which give residents access to a wide variety of benefits. The most important of these for fans are free personal internet access, local phone calls and valet parking. The resort fees are included in the headline rates shown above and across the website, but will be listed separately on your bill.