Start your Worldcon with a little Klingon!

Lawrence M. Schoen will lead the Klingon Language Institute's annual summer conference (qep'a') in Reno this year, just before WorldCon. Klingon speakers from all over the world will show up for three days of intense Klingon wordplay and curse warfare. Participants will start trickling in on Saturday night, but the official verbal battles begin Sunday morning, August 14, and run through Tuesday evening, August 16. Advance registration is $35, or $40 at the door.

Commencing at noon on Tuesday, August 16, the day before the start of Worldcon, the Klingon Language Institute will provide introductory lessons for newbies, beginners, and visitors dressed in Federation pajamas (or other nonwarrior garb). Klingon grammarians will be on hand to help you use Klingon to chat, sing, play games, and insult one another. $10 advance registration fee is required for the introductory workshop, a small price to begin your interstellar linguistic education.

Interested? Visit for more information or to register for either the main conference or the introductory workshop.

Plan on arriving in Reno early and learn to speak Klingon like a warrior!

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