Renovation / Heinlein Society Blood Drive

On Wednesday, August 17, Renovation and the Heinlein Society will sponsor a blood drive for the Reno-area United Blood Services. The bloodmobile should be parked under the walkway between the Atlantis Hotel and the convention center.

In order to have the bloodmobile at the con, we need 15-20 to sign up to give blood on August 17 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Giving blood only takes about an hour; anyone 16 and up and in good health can give blood. For more information on the requirements to be a donor, check our the United Blood Services website.

Robert Heinlein encouraged blood donations for many years. The Heinlein Society continues this tradition in his honor. For more information on Heinlein Society blood drives, check our the Heinlein Society website.

You don't have to choose a time slot just yet, but we need a commitment as soon as possible to get United Blood Services to book the drive.

To sign up to give blood at Renovation, email

Thank-you for paying it forward!