Member Services

This section of the web site contains useful information for members. This includes:

The Basics

Note that membership and registration information, including purchase, status checking, transfers, Changes of Address and Lost Souls, can be found in the separate membership pages.

We also have separate sections on our support for Children (including professional childcare supplied by Kiddiecorp) and those needing Handicapped Services (including scooter rental).

Other Cool Stuff

We have a few things going on which are not convention programming, but are also not general tourism because they relate specifically to Renovation or have direct relevance to SF and of interest to Renovation members. We've collected them together here:

Overview - Help us to Help You

Please help Renovation to run smoothly - this will help your fellow members as well as the Renovation team.

  • Wear your Renovation badge at all times in the convention areas of the RSCC, the Atlantis, and the Peppermill.
  • During program items, do not block the aisles or the doors. If you arrive late to an item, enter quietly.
  • Read and obey signs. In most cases a "Reserved" sign means a chair or table may not be for you (but if you keep looking, you'll probably find one).
  • Save your questions and comments in a program item for near the end of the item when most moderators will invite Q&A.
  • When a program item ends, do not rush the head table to ask for autographs or engage the panelists in private conversation. In order for items to start on time, the previous item must end on time.
  • Be polite about recording items, and pay attention to "No Photography" signs. Non-disruptive photography is generally fine unless someone objects.
  • Because our WiFi has limited bandwidth, avoid live webcasting, and ask for permission before recording anything.
  • A few items are explicitly marked "Recording/photography not permitted."  Extra staff will be patrolling those items and if you are seen to be recording/photographing at these items, you will be escorted out of the room and your recording device might be confiscated.

Registration Hours

The registration desk is located in the main concourse area of the RSCC, in the center of our space between Hall 2, the program rooms and the food court. Registration will be open at the following times:

  • Monday - from 2 p.m. until later afternoon for staff and volunteers ONLY
  • Tuesday - 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. for all pre-registered members
  • Wednesday to Saturday - 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all members plus new sales
  • Sunday - 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for all members plus new sales

Food in the Convention Center

  • The RSCC has strict rules against bringing in outside food. They have granted a small exemption for treats on club and fan tables but that is the only exception.

  • Plenty of carts/food booths will be open while the con is open, in addition to vending machines available throughout the building. There are nearby restaurants in the Atlantis and up and down South Virginia Street. So please, if you have to have pizza from a pizza place outside the convention center, eat it there or in your hotel room but not in the convention center.

  • Clean up after yourself - there are trash cans near every food sales area. Even if your mother is here, she shouldn't have to clean up after you either!

  • You cannot bring alcohol into the RSCC but if you buy a drink at the Drawing of the Dark bar in Hall 2, you can bring it to another room in the RSCC.

Con Suite

Our main Con Suite will be located in the Atlantis, our party hotel which is linked to the Convention Center by an air-conditioned sky bridge.

Inspired by Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates, the Con Suite will be visiting Ancient Egypt. We plan on some games from Ancient Egypt, as well as modern Egyptian themed games, Egyptian candy, and Egyptian themed decorations. If you have any suggestions for cheap decorations, candy, or anything else, please feel free to let us know at! The Con Suite will feature water and soda; candy; and chips and other salty snacks. In other words - we can hydrate you, sugar and salt you up, and let you go.

Looking After Yourself in Reno

Worried about the High Desert in August? Don't Panic! Reno in August may be very different from your usual haunts and we don't want you to have to spend your valuable Worldcon time getting adapted to the climate. If you attended Denvention 3, though, you're likely to experience a milder version of those conditions, as Reno is about eight hundred feet closer to sea level than Denver.


While altitude sickness doesn?t tend to be a problem until more than 6500 feet above sea level, there's no way to predict who might suffer from altitude sickness. There are, however, a few things you can do to minimize your risk and symptoms. Avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after arriving in Reno. Stay hydrated! Start drinking extra water early in your trip, as airplanes and hotels tend to be pretty dry.

Keep in mind also that alcohol is a dehydrator, which can increase the symptoms of altitude sickness, so if you are feeling unwell, it's probably best to stick to water. You may also feel the effects of alcohol more readily, so please be mindful of this when imbibing at parties or restaurants.

With these sensible precautions, you should be just fine. However, a very small minority of people may find they have headaches, shortness of breath, or more serious reactions. In the unlikely event that you have a hard time breathing, are confused (well, more than usual), or have other significant problems, please seek medical attention.


Reno is higher than most major U.S. cities at 4,400 feet above sea level. The average daytime high in August is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 C), but it can drop to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C) in the evening.

Since Reno is located in the high desert of the Great Basin, relative humidity is low throughout the year, which may feel extraordinarily dry if you're from the Midwest or East Coast.

Here are a few things to consider bringing when you're packing for Renovation:

  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • bandana
  • sweater or light waterproof jacket
  • saline nasal spray
  • moisturizer.