Memberships - An Introduction

Renovation is now over! We have left these membership pages online for information only.

This part of the web site contains everything you need to know about your Renovation membership. This includes:

Note: All program participants and all volunteers must buy their own memberships. In the event the Worldcon makes money, part or all of program participant/volunteer membership fees will be reimbursed.

Lost Souls - Can You Help?

Unfortunately we have lost contact with a few of our members. If you are one of these lost souls, or if you know one of them, please get in touch with us at

This is our list of Lost Souls as of July 17, 2011.

  • James Bas - CA, USA (Con Number A2716)
  • Susan Conry - TX, USA (Con Number A3061)
  • Paul G Dolenac - AZ, USA (Con Number S600)
  • Donna Dudley - CA, USA (Con Number A1453)
  • James Johns - AL, USA (Con Number S644)
  • Eric Lindsay - QLD, Australia (Con Number S57)
  • Nigel Linnett - ON, Canada (Con Number S891)
  • John McCluskey - QC, Canada (Con Number S415)
  • Sean McMullen - VIC, Australia (Con Number A3352)
  • Jean Weber - QLD, Australia (Con Number S80)
  • Michal Ziv - Israel (Con Number S803)