Music and Dance

Music Night

We'll be starting the convention on Wednesday with the crash of cymbals, the beat of a drum, the blare of a horn, the strum of strings, the chords of a keyboard, and the crescendo of voices. All this and more means Music Night in Reno!

Music has been part of fandom since the beginning. As it is one of the major themes of Renovation, you will hear music wafting throughout the convention center, in the Exhibit Hall, the hallways, and program rooms.

Come to Opening Ceremonies, which will have some musical surprises. Then be prepared for an evening of non-stop excitement while you can explore as many types of music as will fit in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. After dinner, hear the exciting stylings of our Musical Special Guests, Tricky Pixie and enjoy the showing of Godson, a live musical play based on work by Roger Zelazny. These are events that should not be missed and we will be looking for you there. And, that's not all. We plan to host other concerts, dances and sing-alongs during Music Night. To volunteer to lend a hand, a foot, and an instrument or two, contact

Concerts, Dances, Music, and Sing-Alongs

Gotta Dance? Gotta Sing? Gotta beat that drum? Gotta flex your wings (oh, wait, that's probably the Masquerade!) Our plan is to fill the halls of the convention with music, all kinds of music. What might that mean? How about some of these ideas that are being considered: a sock hop, filk singing (of course!), sing-a-longs (Dr. Horrible anyone?), symphonies, a grand ball, regency tea and dance, history of music in any culture, or evolution of instruments through the ages.

From the ancient to futuristic, celebrating not only today's popular music culture, but reaching into new frontiers we are going to bring a variety of music, dance and song to everyone. Our goal is for everyone to have fun while learning a few tunes, a few steps, a few chants, or possibly how to play that instrument you've always wanted to know something about. Tell us your favorite musical fantasy (G-rated, please)! Write to and we'll do our very best to incorporate the suggestions we receive into our music and dance programs.


Filk is an important part of science fiction fandom, and Renovation is planning a full schedule of filk performances and program. If you don't know what filk is, Wikipedia has a great introduction. If you do know filk, then you'll want to know that we plan to have both filk concerts and late night filk circles. Filk will also be an important part of Renovation's Music Night, a celebration of music, science fiction, and fandom. In addition to performances, we will feature a number of program items related to filk and its history.

Music Performers

We are pleased to introduce some of the performers who will be entertaining you at Renovation.

Dr. Demento

Performing for over 40 years and inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, Dr. Demento is known for his top hat and vast collection of madcap music. The Doctor has been successfully treated millions for Musical Comedy Deficiency Disease* and will holding office hours at Renovation both during the Opening Ceremonies and during the con. Should you feel a touch of MCDD*, do stop by because the Doctor is IN (Reno)!

* Not a real disease.

Devo Spice

Nothing says "Hip Hop" like a red-headed white guy singing comedy music! Devo Spice has been proving that true for years and with his album Gnome Sane? hitting #28 on the iTunes Store, it's more clear than ever. From his latest song, "The Dumbest Song on Rock Band" to his inspired take on helping friends with computer problems, "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy," Devo Spice rocks nerdcore, yo!

Throwing Toasters

Throwing Toasters have played The Tokyo Dome in Japan, had several chart topping songs on The Dr. Demento Show and opened for "Weird Al" Yankovic. They also have many members in the band but for some reason the only one who got back to us was the guitar player; Grant swears the rest of the band just never checks their email! As a result, he'll bring his brand of (mostly) clean musical comedy to Renovations singing songs heard on the Dr. Demento Show about everything from Global Warming to the legal side of Nursery Rhymes. Heckle him at your own risk!


Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and electronically arranged beats, her solo music is an unapologetically dark, futuristic homage to her classical training. Unwoman performs often in the Bay Area and has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America. She has collaborated with Abney Park, Voltaire, Rasputina, Stripmall Architecture, Jill Tracy, Vernian Process, and Attrition.