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Andrew I. Porter

Andrew I. Porter started SF Chronicle in 1979, sold it to DNA Publications in 2000, and was fired in 2002. A 25-time Hugo nominee, he won the Hugo in 1974 for Algol, in 1993 and 1994 for SF Chronicle, a Special Committee Award at ChiCon V, a 1992 Special British Fantasy Award, and the Big Heart Award. A fan since 1960, he's published many zines, been in fan groups and APAs, was Secretary of the 1967 Worldcon, on the bidding committee for TorCon Two, was fan Guest of Honor at the 1990 Worldcon, Canada's SummerCon, and Norwescon in 2002. In publishing, he's been a copy editor and production manager, an editor at F&SF, Lancer Books, and at various trade magazines. His Algol Press published The Book of Ellison in 1978 plus other titles. He's sold articles and photos to Publishers Weekly, Omni, and The New York Times. He has attended more than 40 Worldcons.

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