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Bill Mills

Bill Mills Bill Mills was born in St. Louis, Mo. moved with his mother to California in 1960. He was a child actor and grew up in Hollywood. By his teen years he was living and going to school in Malibu, where he meet his best friend and partner for the next 15 years, Bob Short. They performed as a stunt team doing live shows with a specialty act group when only 16 years old and they collaborated on many amateur film productions together. Bill has been involved in SF fandom since 1969 when he first attended a LASFS meeting. His first SF convention was the 1970 Westercon XXIII where he and Bob Short were exhibitors showing their extensive collection of props/wardrobe/scripts etc. from the TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and at which they entered and won their first convention masquerade award. Their last and biggest display was presented at the 1984 Worldcon which included the famous U.N.C.L.E. car, a rolling weapon, a la Bond's Aston Martin. Bill was also personally responsible for the extensive exhibit from the Ackerman collection on display at that Worldcon. Bill and Bob won so many awards at masquerades that they officially took themselves out of competition, but continued to perform as masquerade half-time entertainment and/or MC's. Robert (Bob) Short eventually went on to win the Academy Award for Special Effects Makeup for Beetlejuice.

Bill is a fan of fan history and fervently believes it should be respected, remembered and preserved. In 2005, he established The Voices of Fandom, devoted to saving and showcasing audios/videos (vintage, rare or newly recorded) of potential interest to the fannish community. There is also a sizable photo archive with rare and historic photos of fans and pros from the 1930's onward. Lee Gold has called it a "great fannish resource."

Bill currently produces audio books for REB Audiobooks, a division of Renaissance eBooks Incorporated. Nearly all of his 30-some audiobooks have been best sellers and are always among the highest rated abooks on the various online stores. The abooks are available at Audible, iTunes, Amazon,, and REB Audiobooks

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