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Byron P. Connell

Byron Connell, a long-time SF fan, is a historian by training. He likes to help at masquerades rather than entering them – entering once a decade is about right! However, since being part of the Torcon best-in-show entry, when he does enter, he does so in the Master division.

Byron has run masquerades at several Costume-Cons and Philcons, but he was shocked when it was suggested that he direct the Anticipation masquerade. He is a member of the Sick Pups (the New Jersey-New York Costumers’ Guild), the SLUTs, (St. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society), and the Armed Costumers’ Guild; that makes him an Armed SLUT Puppy! Byron is a past President of the International Costumers’ Guild, which honored him with its Lifetime Achievement Award (he still doesn’t know why). He likes hard SF, alternate history, alternate worlds, and fantasy (not necessarily in that order).

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