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Caroline Mullan

Caroline Mullan has been active in UK and Worldcon fandom since 1979, when she attended her first Worldcon and first convention in Brighton. She is currently Chair of the (UK) Science Fiction Foundation, which publishes Foundation: The International Journal of Science Fiction, owns a heritage Library housed at the University of Liverpool, and runs a variety of academic conferences and masterclasses. She hopes that the Worldcon will come to London in 2014, and that a world-class city will make the most of a world-class event.

She has attended over a hundred conventions in five countries, and held organising roles for a dozen UK conventions, and three European Worldcons. She writes in fanzines and APAs, including Hugo-nominated Banana Wings, the BSFA's journal Vector, TWP and AWA and others; and (a long time ago) produced two issues of her own fanzine, The Mirror Crack'd. In the mid-1980s she was a Director of Kerosina Publications, which published books by Keith Roberts, Brian Aldiss and Philip K. Dick, among others.

Caroline's professional experience is as a business systems analyst and project manager in the UK financial services industry. She is a bookseller's assistant at Porcupine Books, provider of science fiction, fantasy and horror books for readers and collectors. She is interested in books, gardening, fandom, and making the world a better place.

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