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Ctein Ctein is a professional photographer and writer, best known in the SF community for his photographs of eclipses, aurora, natural and unnatural scenics, and space launches and for his hand-printed fine-art books.

Ctein's a columnist for The Online Photographer and the author of Digital Restoration from Start to Finish.

Ctein's been an industrial consultant on computer displays, a technical writer of computer manuals, has degrees in English and Physics from Caltech, and has engaged in pollution research, astronomy, photocopy research, world designing for CONTACT, and radical feminist queer activism.

If he grows up, he wants to be a dilettante.

Ctein lives in Daly City with technical writer Paula Butler, four demented psittacines, a half dozen more-or-less normal computers, and twenty kilobooks. He reports that the house seems to be shrinking...

Photo of Ctein by David Dyer-Bennet

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