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Dani Kollin

Dani Kollin Though Dani earned his degree in graphic design, he decided early on to pursue a career in advertising because that's where the money was at. And had he stayed there he might even be making some now. In desperation to find a profession that would have someone ask him for his autograph he challenged his brother, Eytan to co-write a book. Surprisingly (given their history of having absolutely nothing in common short of exceedingly warped senses of humor) Eytan agreed. Their first novel, The Unincorporated Man, was published by Tor in 2009 and won The 2010 Prometheus Award for best science fiction novel of the year. Their second book, The Unincorporated War released to rave reviews the following May with The Unincorporated Woman releasing this month. Not willing to leave well enough alone, Eytan and Dani both host a weekly SF&F webshow, NeverendingPanel.

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