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Darlene Marshall

Darlene Marshall Darlene Marshall longs for more swashbuckling in her life. To fill that void, she writes award-winning historical romance about piracy, privateering and smuggling in 19th C. Florida. She loves having a job where driving to the beach in a convertible and drinking mojitos at the end of the day is research, though after the caving trip for The Bride and The Buccaneer she asked them to just leave the bottle. Marshall has lived in North Florida most of her life and is a graduate of the University of Florida. She worked in broadcast news for ten years before realizing she'd much rather make up stories for a living.

Marshall shares her home with her native Floridian husband, two sons who occasionally return to the nest and make snarky comments about pirate porn, a snake who had a cameo role in Smuggler's Bride, and a dachshund who's constantly on guard against squirrel encroachment.

Marshall's novels are published in English, German, and Estonian, in digital and print editions.

Darlene Marshall is the pen-name of fan Eve Ackerman.

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