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Gary Ehrlich

Gary Ehrlich Gary Ehrlich stalks the hallways of Northeast conventions and assorted filk conventions. In mundania he is a mild-mannered structural engineer for a major trade association, representing them on material design standards committees and at building code hearings. At cons he can be found on a stage or in the filk room, offering songs of space flight, lunar colonies and hyperspace hotels. Gary also chaired two incarnations of NEFilk, the Floating Northeast Filk Con -- Conterpoint 2004 and 2010 -- has served as Programming Head for several cons in the series, among other positions, and is Balticonís Track Head for Filk and Other Musical Mayhem.

Gary appears on four collections of convention recordings: How Many of them Can We Make Die? from Conterpoint 1996, The Filk Was Great... from Conterpoint 2000, Millennium Pandemonium, Volume 1 from the Millennium Philcon, and Triskaidekafilkia from FilKONtario 13.

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