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Janna Silverstein

Janna Silverstein grew up on Long Island, where her parents encouraged her to watch Star Trek, to read National Geographic, to pursue her creative urges, and to write...a lot. In third grade, she edited her class newspaper, and has been telling writers what to do ever since. She has worked for more than two decades as an editor and writer in print and Web publishing, first as an acquisitions editor for Bantam Spectra followed by stints at Wizards of the Coast, WizKids, Microsoft, and NCsoft on their MMO Aion. She has edited books on a freelance basis for Night Shade Books and Pocketbooks. Her own writing has appeared in Asimovís Science Fiction, Orson Scott Cardís Intergalactic Medicine Show, 10Flash Quarterly, and in the anthologies Swordplay and The Trouble With Heroes, among others. She has worked as a volunteer in Kenya on lion conservation research, sold original jewelry on Etsy, and created a penguin sculpture as part of the Penguins on the March project for Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Though she'll always be a New Yorker, she lives in Seattle with two assertive cats and many, many books.

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