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Jordin Kare

Jordin Kare is a lapsed astrophysicist, an ex-Star Warrior, and a former freelance rocket scientist. He's proposed two different novel systems for practical, no-warp-drives interstellar propulsion. He's the designer of the Photonic Fence, which shoots down mosquitoes with laser beams (really; it's been built and works). He was founder and technical lead for Team LaserMotive, which won a $900,000 NASA prize by powering a robot up a kilometer-long cable with a laser, and is now acting CTO of LaserMotive Inc., a startup company which is commercializing laser power beaming.

In his day job, he's a senior inventor and program manager at Intellectual Ventures, and he is sole or co-inventor on over 300 patent applications.

He's a filker, though rarely an active one these days, and a regular con-goer since 1975. He's also the Chief Astrophysicist of the Royal Manticoran Astrophysics Investigation Agency, a one-time regular at Callahan's Bar, and an occasional denizen of several other fictional universes, a circumstance which he attributes to having had Ferdinand Feghoot as a thesis advisor.

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