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Joy Bragg-Staudt

Joy Bragg-Staudt has been costuming since the day she first figured out how to dress herself. Her school photos are a documentary of inspirations; Kindergarten was Thumbelina, followed by I Dream of Jeannie in the first grade. As time went on, she learned to sew her own clothing and her muses were quickly integrated into everyday wear.

Since that time, she has earned degrees in Visual Arts and Substance Abuse Counseling, worked several jobs, (her favorite being a 15 year run as a Visual Merchandising Director for a major retail chain...What could possibly be better than playing with life size dolls and having your own theatrical budget?!), and found her true love.

When she's not sewing, crafting, or helping out at conventions, her hobbies include snuggling her husband, reading with her cat, historical reenactment, gaming, art, playing MMOs, and cooking.

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