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Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson I have been an active SF fan since 1952. I made my first sale in 1958 and am a member of SFWA on my own, but was also a writerís wife (now widow) and occasional collaborator by profession: I helped Poul with research, story discussion, wordmaking, cartography, and so on to grammatical nitpicking and proofreading. Iím interested in daily life throughout history and in different cultures, especially cooking as shaped by culture, available tools, and local or imported ingredients. My formal education included Latin and Romance languages, classical Greek, and military cartography. I was an active Sherlock Holmes fan before I discovered SF fandom. Iíve worked on convention committees, helped invent filk singing, and and reached master class in masquerade costuming. With Poul and our daughter Astrid (now married to Greg Bear) I helped found the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I was once chief herald of the known world. I am still active in Holmes fandom, and have my investiture in the Baker Street Irregulars. My active interests run from astronomy to zymurgy.

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