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Leigh Ann Hildebrand

Leigh Ann Hildebrand Leigh Ann Hildebrand talks a lot about religion, feminism, sexuality, costuming, bacon, mixology, knitting, public transit, Santa, ghazals, bargains, etiquette, medieval multiculturalism, pink gadgets, Fillory, mystical experiences, silk, the South, henna, lint, elections, Harlan Ellison, vests, bathtubs, podcasts, Hugo nominees, Neoplatonism, Arabic letters, pagans, badge ribbons, arugula and kale, grief, Egyptian art appearing in movies based on graphic novels, the evil that is cilantro, mythical lions and a lot of other equally obscure, controversial, silly, important and decidedly fannish topics. She also loves to listen to other people talk about all of those things, especially if cocktails and chocolate are involved. Leigh Ann will be spending summer 2011 in a liminal state before going bicoastal in pursuit of a master of theological studies degree; Renovation is the last West Coast stop on her Hella Wicked Summer Farewell Tour

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