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Linda Taglieri

Linda Taglieri lives in Sydney where she works as a consultant geologist. She has been writing essays and articles on the Wheel of Time since 2003 on subjects as varied as the magic system, the real world influences on the Wheel of Time, character analysis, symbolism in the books, and, of course, her theories, with more (yes, more!) in the planning. She was a Wheel of Time admin on the now defunct fansite wotmania for five years before establishing the Thirteenth Depository: A Wheel of Time Blog in 2009. A long-term project is a read-through of the series; originally started on wotmania in 2008, it was reborn on the blog, where she is now up to The Gathering Storm. A keen embroiderer, Linda exhibits annually with a group of dedicated textile artists. She has participated in panels and costuming workshops at JordanCon and AussieCon4.

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