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Madeleine E. Robins

Madeleine E. Robins Writing gives Madeleine Robins the chance to focus on many of her ruling passions: cities, history, swordplay, the history of disease, and the future of mankind"--with a side order of historical costuming and infrastructure (urban plumbing is far more interesting than you'd think).

Born in New York City, the Author has been, in no particular order, a nanny, a teacher, an actor and stage-combatant, an administrator, a comic book editor, a baker, typist-clerk for Thos. Cook's Houses of Parliament office, a repairer-of-hurt-books, an editorial consultant, and a writer. She sold her first novel, an historical romance, right out of college, and has been writing ever since. Her modern fantasy The Stone War was a New York Times Notable book for 1999; she is also the author of Point of Honour and Petty Treason, alternate-history noir mysteries set in the English Regency.

Robins holds a degree in Theatre Studies from Connecticut College, and attended the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop in 1981. She is a founding member of the BookViewCafe, where most of her short fiction is available for free!

A lifelong and passionate fan of cities and all things urban, Madeleine Robins now lives in San Francisco with her family, dog, and one hegemonic lemon tree

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