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Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Margaret McGaffey Fisk Margaret McGaffey Fisk developed a love for different cultures while wandering archaeological sites as a Foreign Service brat in the Middle East. A combined anthropology and creative writing degree continued that focus, but a healthy dose of science fiction and fantasy took her in unexpected directions. She lives in suburban Reno, Nevada, with her husband, two teenage boys, and three cats, but to counter balance the human intrusion, a small wilderness abuts her backyard filled with hawks, herons, rabbits, and even the occasional coyote.

Her speculative fiction appears in the following anthologies: Aurora in the Dawn (2010) by Aurora Wolf, Cloaked in Shadow (2004) by Fantasist Enterprises, and Triangulation 2004 by PARSEC. Her nonfiction can be found in Vision: A Resource for Writers and The Author's Grimoire by Dragon Moon Press.

As an active member of both Forward Motion and Online Writing Workshop, she has been honing her ability to craft tales while helping other writers pass the hurdles between writing the first word and publication.

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