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Mari Kotani

Mari Kotani (born in 1958), SF& Fantasy critic, served as vice president of SFWJ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan) and chair of the Women Writers Committee of Japan PEN Club. Her first book Techno-Gynesis : The Political Unconscious of Feminist Science Fiction (Tokyo: Keiso Publishers, 1994) won the 15th Japan SF Award (SFWJ), Japanese Nebula in 1994. Her second book Evangelion as the Immaculate Virgin (Tokyo: Magazine House, 1997) sold more than 80,000 copies and established the author as an authority on anime. She regularly published reviews and essays in Japanese major newspapers such as Yomiuri Shinbun, Nihon-Keizai Shinbun, and many magazines such as Hayakawa's SF Magazine, S-F Studies, and SF Eye. Her collaborations include Blood Read edited by Joan Gordon and Veronica Hollinger (Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, 1997). Being one of the active members of The Japanese Association of Gender Fantasy and Science Fiction, she helped found in 2001 The Sense of Gender Award as the Japanese equivalent of the Tiptree Award. Being one of the first cosplayers in Japan, she also established in 2003 the annual Kotani Cup for celebrating the best cosplayers at Japanese National SF Convention.

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