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Maurine Starkey

Maurine Starkey I'm an artist who started out studying Art History and Studio Arts. I then worked as a production artist (to pay the bills. It's still art, right?). Taught college credited courses in composition, design, drawing, painting and color theory. Work all those odd jobs anyone has to do when they've chosen a creative career.

Then I fell into computer game art and design and a 25+ year career was born. I've held every position from Production Staff, Creative Director, Designer to Project Manager and Producer.

The last five years has had me focused on casual games and I've been sliding over to social games as opportunities allow. But I've also been having a good time illustrating and writing for pen and paper games.

2011, I've been nominated for a Hugo award for Best Fan Artist. Who knows what the future has in store. I love doing this stuff...

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