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Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Maya’s been addicted to science fiction since her dad let her watch The Day the Earth Stood Still. As a result, she slept with a night-light until age 15. She started her writing career sketching SF comics in the last row of her fifth grade classroom, but was never apprehended. Her short fiction has been published in Analog, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Paradox and Jim Baen’s Universe. She’s been a John Campbell, Nebula, Sidewise and British Science Fiction Award nominee and is a founding member of the online writer’s co-op, Book View Café.

Her debut novel, The Meri (Baen), was a Locus Best First Novel nominee. Since, she has penned over half a dozen novels, including Mr. Twilight (Del Rey), a collaboration with Michael Reaves. The duo also collaborated on the upcoming Star Wars: Shadow Games and are working on a fourth book in the Coruscant Nights series.

Maya also writes, performs, and records original and parody (filk) music with her husband, the awesome Chef Jeff Vader, All-Powerful God of Biscuits. The couple has produced five music albums, most recently, Grated Hits, and will be GoH at the 2011 Ohio Valley Filk Festival. They’ve also produced three musical children: Alex, Kristine, and Amanda.

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