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Michael Cassutt

Michael Cassutt is the author of three thrillers set in the world of spaceflight -- Missing Man (1998) and its sequel, Tango Midnight (2003) as well as the first novel to present the Soviet side of the race to the Moon, Red Moon (2001). With David S. Goyer, he recently published Heaven's Shadow (Ace, July), a near-future tale of two space crews' encounter with a Near-Earth object.

Cassutt is also the author of the Who's Whose in Space encyclopedias (three editions) as well as the autobiographies of Mercury astronaut Donald K. "Deke" Slayton (Deke!, 1994) and Gemini-Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford (We Have Capture, 2002), as well as a recent series of articles for Air & Space/Smithsonian about human spaceflight. He has interviewed dozens of American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts as well as flight controllers and other spaceflight professionals.

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