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Mike Rennie

Mike Rennie Dr Mike "SPARKS" Rennie is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Behavioural Science at RMAS. Mike is a chartered psychologist interested in problem solving and decision making, influence and persuasion, and leadership. He travels extensively around the world teaching and researching. Sparks on the other hand is a long time fan and apparently retired conrunner who has worked at all levels at Worldcons and other conventions, mostly in the UK. He has a wide interest across several fields of SF and has even been known to pick up a bass guitar and filk on occasions. His interest in weapons ranges from being able to sword fight to working on anti aircraft missile systems. He currently doesn't get as much time to keep up with his reading as he'd like, but he does find time to play bass in a band and ride his motorcycle too fast.

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