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M. J. Locke

By day, Locke is a nerd, an engineer who provides environmental and sustainability services, with an information management spin. By night, Locke is a spinner of far-flung techie dreams—stories filled with planetary disaster, spaceships, rogue AI’s, planet-eating machines, sentient tumors, and the people who struggle to survive on the fringes of the world. Check out Up Against It, the first in a new science fiction series, WAVE. A disaster wipes out most of the asteroid colonists’ air, energy, and water supplies. The colonists must save their world and turn the tables on those who mean to destroy them. Locke's story “True North” appeared in Gordon van Gelder’s Welcome to the Greenhouse in January 2011 from O/R Press. A giant old man scrapes out an existence amid the ruins of civilization. He’s ready to follow his wife (and the other 99.9% of humanity) into oblivion. But his life is changed forever when a young woman he meets just won’t take extinction for an answer.

Also look for works published under her former byline Laura J. Mixon, including Glass Houses, Proxies and Burning the Ice, out from Tor Books.

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