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Naamen Tilahun

Naamen Tilahun Naamen Tilahun is a writer/blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He places the beginnings of his love of science fiction square at the feet of his mother, who introduced him to series like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits at way too young an age. Since then he has been a voracious consumer of SF media in all it's forms. One of his main interests lies is exploring the various themes and ideas such as class, feminism, GLBTQ issues, chromatic themes and more within Sf works and the larger community.

A former book reviews editor for Fantasy Magazine and fiction editor for 580 Split for Mills College. His writing has appeared in/on So Speak Up, Collective Fallout, The WISCon Chronicles vol. 2, Fantasy Magazine, Feminist SF - The Blog and Recent recipient of an MFA he is currently working on a novel-length work tentatively titled Trichevvi: City of the Priests.

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