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Sandra Tayler

Sandra Tayler Sandra Tayler is a writer of essays, speculative fiction, and blog entries. She has sold stories to anthology markets, including DAW. In February 2009 her blog won an AML award for online writing. Sandra spends much of her time as the publication and distribution half of the Schlock Mercenary comic business. Her duties there include administrative tasks, physically shipping thousands of books in a year, book layout and design, and contracting with a printer to get the books made. Schlock Mercenary is written and illustrated by her husband Howard, who shares all the joys and burdens of being self-employed in a creative field. Sandra’s publication work and her writing are frequently pre-empted by the needs of her four kids, who alternate between being incredibly helpful and incredibly distracting. Some day in the future Sandra hopes to experience this free time that she has heard so much about.

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