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Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson has been a SF fan since he could read. His other hobbies include gardening, dinosaurs, Lego, and tropical fish. In his copious free time, he reads, eats and sleeps.

His first hit was Ogre. Later came Car Wars...followed shortly by Illuminati, and later by GURPS, the "Generic Universal Roleplaying System." He has personally won 11 Origins Awards, not counting the others that his company, SJ Games, has received. Woo hoo.

In 1990 and 1991, Steve got international press when the Secret Service invaded his office. The EFF made it possible for SJ Games to bring suit against the Secret Service and the US government, winning more than $50K in damages. And Steve is SO tired of telling the story, but you can read about it here.

He still spends a lot of his time helping to manage SJ Games, which currently employs about 30 people. But he continues to write. His current big hit is Munchkin, a silly card game about killing monsters and taking their stuff.

His current projects include Munchkin follow-ups and the continuing quest to get his games translated into digital form.

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