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Steve Miller

Steve Miller Steve Miller wrote for fanzines in the US, France, and Texas in the 1960s, graduating to writing professional fiction after teaching SF, attending Clarion West, and founding the UMBC SF Research Collection. He was Vice Chair of the Baltimore in 80 Worldcon bid, helped start several conventions, and has attended hundreds more since 1973.

Steve partnered with Sharon Lee in the late 70s as Book Castle and Dreams Garth, Inc. bookstore and art agency. In the eighties they began writing Agent of Change, the first book in the award-winning Liaden Universe series; when it sold they moved to Maine. Steve formed BPLAN Virtuals, an electronic publisher, in the late 1980s while PR Director of North Country Press. He founded SRM Publisher, Ltd in 1995.

Steve and Sharon have collaborated on short stories, anthologies, and other SF and fantasy novels as well as Liaden material. Baen is currently reissuing Lee & Miller backlist books electronically and in paper, and their latest novel from Baen, Ghost Ship is an August 2011 release

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