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Tom Galloway

10 Random Facts:

1) Once schooled by George Spanish.
2) Paid a billionaire's salary two years running.
3) Neil Gaiman told a Worldcon audience they "should burn [Tom] as a witch."
4) Been Tuckerized in three comic books as two scientists and a Starfleet Admiral (also in some novels).
5) Once co-ordered 250 pounds of Silly Putty.
6) Modelled for a cover painting in which I'm about to be eaten by Cthulhu.
7) Read 312 books in first grade (wasn't allowed to count the comic books, darnit).
8) Harlan Ellison tried to get me dates via public radio.
9) Organized an MIT hack on the Harvard-Yale game.
10) Probably holds the record for most passes of the Jeopardy! tryout test.

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