Renovation Weapons Policy

The Renovation weapons policy is designed to protect the convention and its members. If you are going to be carrying a weapon (or prop weapon) in or around the convention or the facilities, please make sure you have read and follow this policy.

No real or realistic weapons may be carried anywhere within the convention except during the Masquerade or specifically approved events.

Renovation defines a weapon as any object designed to cause damage, or any replica of such an object, or any object that the Committee determines to pose a risk to the safety of others or to personal or hotel property. The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend this definition and the right to require the immediate removal of any weapon from a public area. Failure to immediately put a weapon away in your hotel room or vehicle on request is grounds for immediate revocation of membership without refund and expulsion from the convention.

The use of a weapon during the Masquerade or a programming event must be approved by the Masquerade Directors or the Programming Division Heads, respectively. Other than these previously approved instances, no weapon of any kind may be drawn or wielded in any area of any hotel or convention space.

Dealers who sell weapons must securely wrap each item at the point of sale and provide each customer with a printed copy of this policy.

At Renovation, we know that most people who would like to carry weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, we must keep in mind liability, legal issues, and our relationship with the hotels and the convention center. Member safety is our first consideration and it is with this in mind that this policy has been established.

NOTE: in addition to complying with Renovation policy, all members must abide, without exception by all relevant legal requirements and by the requirements of the convention center and host hotels. Please note in particular that casino resorts have strong requirements in place to protect their security and that these will be enforced (for instance, full face coverings are not allowed anywhere on the casino floor).

A costume policy statement from the Peppermill can be found here. Please read it if you can plan to wear costumes or carry weapon-like props within the Peppermill.